Chilifest 2014 Team Info

Signing up for a Chili Team gives you not one, but TWO days of awesome music, as well as an entry into the chili cook-off with a chance to win a trophy and $1,750 in cash prizes! Note: Entry into cook-off is NOT required. Only Chili Teams are allowed to attend Friday night at Chilifest where we have great live music playing late into the night.

The team requirement is a minimum of 15 members. Each team “spot” isa 20×20 plot on the Chilifest event grounds conveniently located within seconds of the stage. We have many larger teams that request multiple“spots”. This is acceptable as long as the 15 people per spot minimum is met and filled out on the team form that is to be turned in and fully paid for on February 28. The number of spots is not guaranteed and will vary depending on the total size of your team and total number of patrons that attend the event.

Example: Captain of ‘Chilifest Team A’ has 90 members signed up by the February 28th date. The Captain will only be required to fill out ONE FORM FOR CHILIFEST 2014 and the team can request 1-6 spots. (Note: in the past, it has been required that each team fill out one form for every 35 people on the team. This is NOT the case this year.)

See links below for Team Signup Forms and Team Add-On Forms

Team member tickets are only $50 per person and that gains entry into Chilifest on Friday and Saturday. Teams receive an approximately 20ft x 20ft space at the event. Members are allowed to bring chairs, couches, coolers, grills and more for their spot. There are some rules and regulations for what can be brought in so make sure you review what is allowed. See link below for Rules & Regulations.

If you are interested in bringing an RV please see our RV parking page.

2014 Forms:
- 2014-chilifest-entry-form
- 2014-chilifest-team-release-form
- 2014-chilifest-team-addon
- 2014-chilifest-rules

If you are interested in bringing an RV please see our RV parking page.

The chili cook-off offers teams an opportunity to win a trophy and their share of the $1,750 in cash prizes!

Registration for Teams is at Calloway Villas on Friday, February 28th.  For out of town teams, we do offer accommodations.
Please see the FAQ page.

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