BYOB Friday

BYOB Friday

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Bring Your Own Beer – This Friday APRIL 10, 2015 is BYOB at Chilifest!

As usual, it will be BYOB on Friday at Chilifest. Rules are pretty simple. If it seems like it could be a liability, then leave it at home. We use whats called the gas station rule, where anything you can buy at a gas station in town that isn’t glass is permissible. (ie: Canned Beer & Boxed Wine)

*Saturday APRIL 11, 2015 is NOT BYOB*
There will be beer and other cold beverages for sale on the Chilifest grounds including:

  • Miller Lite – 16oz cans
  • Blue Moon – 12oz can
  • Redd’s – 12oz can
  • Smirnoff Ice – 12oz can
  • Smirnoff Peach Bellini – 11.2oz bottle

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